About Us

Our brand Frozen Lines Fishing, is run by myself (Dan) and has been in our family for generations. My mission is to develop and enhance the business whilst providing customers with in-depth articles that include hints, tips and general fishing information. In addition to this, I also want to build a fishing platform where anglers from all around the globe can share good practice and chat amongst each other!

About Our Article Writer


Hi, I'm Roger Johnson, the man behind the Frozen Lines Fishing Blog.  I am a professional writer that grew up in the heart of Wisconsin that always enjoyed writing from a young age. As well as this, I was also brought up by my Father and we'd regularly fish over the weekend. I began making a journal when I was 12 years old. Noting down the times of the day I fished, the size and weight of the fish caught and the lakes, rivers I fished over the number of years. Here I am, 25 years down the line and i'm here sharing things i've learnt over the years with other anglers of all generations.