Where To Go Ice Fishing In Colorado…


Ice fishing in Colorado has become very popular in recent years. Many anglers have invested in the ice fishing essentials to ensure they have a successful ice fishing experience. Some of the best ice fishing spots can be found near Denver. Trout, pike, and crappie are some of the most common fish in the Colorado surrounding lakes. This post will help to guide you to the best and most successful fishing spots in Colorado.

Chambers Lake


Nearby Towns: Rustic & Walden
Known Types of Fish: Salmon, cutthroat trout, rainbow trout & lake trout
Lake Details: Chambers lake and its 250 acres of water is home to some extraordinary fish. Some of the trout fished from the deep waters have exceeded 16 inches. The lake offers great spots for overnight camping, cabins and local property rentals nearby.
The Chambers lake lies 2 hours 45 minutes to the northwest of Denver. Just like any other lake, ensure you check the conditions and ice depth before setting up to fish.
More details can be found here.

Lake Granby


Nearby Towns: Granby, Grand Lake
Known Types of Fish: Salmon, brown trout, rainbow trout & lake trout
Lake Details: This 7000+ acre lake and 40+miles of shore is up there as one of the most popular and best fishes in Colorado. Anglers have recorded trout catches of over 32-inches, don’t miss out and get down there this winter! As a yearly tradition, every January 1000+ anglers head down to Lake Granby and its other 2 nearby waters, Shadow Mountain Reservoir & Grand Lake for Three-Lakes Ice Fishing Contest.
For more information on this contest and signing up, click here.

Eleven Mile Resevoir


Nearby Towns: Hartsel, Fairplay & Lake George
Known Types of Fish: Salmon, cutthroat trout, rainbow trout & brown trout
Lake Details: Located between the Wilkerson Pass and Hartsel, this 3,400 acre lake is home to some beautiful fish. it is a popular body of water as rainbow trout have been measured up to 21 inches.

Crawford Resevoir


Nearby Towns: Crawford & Hotchkiss
Known Types of Fish: Northern pike, yellow perch, rainbow trout & crappie
Lake Details: This reservoir is over-looked by its well known neighbour – Blue Mesa Reservoir. The Crawford reservoir is a hot spot for cold weather anglers. Due to its small bodied water, anglers are able to fish the whole lake in minimal time, therefore the majority of fishing is successful. Also, because its smaller size, this reservoir tends to last longer through the winter months.

Trinidad Lake State Park


Nearby Towns: Trinidad
Known Types of Fish: Largemouth Bass, brown trout, rainbow trout, walleye, crappie & bluegill
Lake Details: This 1000+ acre lake is filled with over 50,000 trout, making trout fishing a pleasurable experience. Although the majority of the fish are plucked out through summer and spring, there are plenty left for those brave winter anglers.

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