What Is The Best Fishing Line Spooler?


What Is The Best Fishing Line Spooler? This can really vary from person to person as personal preference will decide which fishing line spooler is the best. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and work in different ways. This article will give you an insight into the different types of fishing line spooler and provide you with a brief description, pros and cons rather than ranking them in an order. 

Whether you’re a fishing amateur or competitor, you will need plenty of accessories to make your fishing experience a successful one. Without the correct equipment, your fishing line can become twisted and tangled which will make you frustrated and annoyed as you’ll be wasting time and money.  Also, no one wants to turn up to the lake and spend most of the day attaching their line to the reel whilst the others are reeling fish after fish in. 

This is where the fishing line spooler comes in handy. Gone the days where you’d use a pencil to spool your reel with line twisting and flying all over the place. This new spooler mechanism makes line spooling as easy as ever. It’s important that you know what you’re looking for in a spooler and this article will help you decide which type of spooler mechanism is best suited for you. 

Below are 5 different spooling mechanisms to help you choose the correct one. 

Piscifun Fishing Line Winder - Spooling System


It looks slightly large in the photos but in fact it is easy to carry around and pack in your fishing box/bag, ready to be used when needed. This spool holder has a counter mechanism in place to apply tension and pressure as the fishing line drags to fill the reel spool. It is knowingly better suited for baitcasting reels but it can be used for spinning reels too. 
This spooler is durable and made of strong material, the learning time to use this spooler is very short. The price is a little expensive at $49.99. There are cheaper alternatives that may be more affordable but this product is worth the money.

Unfortunately there are no instructions with this product and therefore you will have to try and understand how to use it yourself. There are various videos online which can help with this but mahy take 2 or 3 tries before you completely understand how to spool with it. 

SLMOZKA Fishing Line Spooler With Suction Cup 


We’ll start off by saying this is super cheap and if you’re on a budget, it’s easily affordable for around $10. Due to it being so cheap there may be some floors. The sticky suction pad has been known to unstick, making it very difficult to spool the line. This spooler is used for spinning reels and can almost stick to all surfaces, which makes it ideal to carry around. 
It is small and easy to put together which means you can take it apart to make more room in your fishing box/bag. Unfortunately due to the design, if you do not have the correct surface to stick it to, it pretty much becomes pointless. 

Plusino Fishing Line Spooler


As with most spoolers, this is small and compact enough to be able to carry it with you when fishing. It is suitable for spooling baitcasting and trolling reels, the manufacturer also mentions that it is also good for spinning reels but this is controversial.
The design is pretty good and mounts most surfaces due to its clamp type mechanism. The price is slightly expensive for what the product is costing around $40.  
The spooler does not have a counter on it and this is one of its weaknesses. 

Frozen Lines Spooler 


Being our brand, it’s expected that I'll say it's the best and number 1 spooler to purchase. But this article gives honest and unbiased opinions. Based on feedback so far, this spooler has many positives and little negatives. The clamp style clip allows the spooler to attach to almost every surface. It can easily detach from the surface and unclip, meaning it's easy to store and travel with when on the move. 
It is long-lasting and sturdy. Due to the design, the line can be spooled in all directions which makes everyone's life easier. 
It is suitable for all types of bait-casting, spinning and trolling reels. The price is fair and affordable for almost all anglers. 
The only downside is the spooler does not have a counter, however this should not put you off the price of around $15. 

Berkley Mini Line Spooler


Even though the look of it is cheap, it is in fact a handy tool to carry around. Unlike the other tools, this one doesn’t have to attach to anything apart from the pole and reel you’re using. 
Simply pick a place on your rod and attach it using the tension. Unfortunately, it won’t fit all rods, probably why it's as cheap as $5. 
Customer reviews suggest the tool can come loose when you’re using it, making it difficult to stop the line tangling or loosening. 
It’s not the complete spooler or ideal product but handy to carry one in the bag for emergency spooling situations. 

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